Green walls

Where you and the walls breathe together...

Mankind has a mysterious connection to nature: it inspires us and gives us shelter. There's an invisible, intimate connection between us and nature which reflects our true selves, where thoughts take wing. Over the past thousands of years we have grown used to separating our life space from nature and putting distance between us even though secretly we might be longing for it and depend on it… We believe that man and nature need each-other and that life cannot be a matter of just luxury! Nature and plants have a beneficial effect on our souls but one of the disadvantages of modern life is that not everyone owns a garden. However, each of us has plenty of unused wall space. One plant doesn't make a summer but a lush green wall does.

Green light for green walls!

With the help of the cascading plant panels you can revitalize your everyday life. Feel free to combine the panels as per your needs, the system is fully automated and doesn't require special care

Regardless of the size of the space, in case you'd like to feel yourself close to nature, green walls are a good fit for you and we work hard to move this modern technology into your home and by doing so, giving the green light to natur.

Whether it be an intimate or high end space, living or working environment, if you would like to decorate your surroundings with a bit of nature, our green walls might be an excellent choice for you. With these modular and cascading systems you can make your everyday life more colorful. Let your creative juices flow by arranging the plants at a whim as it is an automated, self-sustaining system that can maintain itself for a very long time. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Innowall green wall systems are capable of storing most of the houseplants. Besides that, you can also use other specific plants or herbs.

Advantages of Innowall green walls:

  • the system can store water for a long time
  • the plants will absorb water and nutrients from below which is healthier for them tan to soak it up from above
  • electricity is not needed
  • there's no need to build a drip irrigation system
  • you only need to refill it with water every 3-5 weeks
  • structure made from high quality materials
  • the system can be installed easily, quickly
  • it can be installed almost everywhere
  • the Innowall system makes it possible to easily change the planters

Beneficial effects of green walls

They improve air quality, they produce oxygen and they drink in dust from the air. We spend most of our lives at our work places or in our homes, although the air of our closed living spaces hides many harmful substances like formaldehyde or benzole. It's a fact though that plants during their photosynthesis are able to synthesize not only carbon dioxide but the above-mentioned harmful substances, too. This way they're considered to be the most effective natural air purifiers. They reduce stress and bring calmness, increasing our productivity.

We recommend it to:

  • office complexes
  • restaurants, coffeehouses
  • apartment houses and private houses
  • hotels, hostels
  • institutes